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Drain Field Inspections

A proper inspection involves laying out the entire drain field and examining all sections of the field to determine the overall condition of the septic system. Once a proper inspection is complete we can recommend the best solution for your needs. The best solution is not always a complete replacement of the drain field. In some instances we can save the homeowner thousands of dollars through alternative solutions.

Perc Test | Excavating Contractor

Before a drain field can be installed a perk test must be performed. A perc test is an excavation of the soils in the desired area of installation. By looking at the types of soils found onsite a plan can be made of how to best install the drain field. If you are interested in determining what type of drain field can be installed at your home site.

Drain Field Installs | Septic Systems

We can install conventional drainage systems, engineered and alternative septic systems.

When determining the location of the drain field installation we make sure that the soils will properly treat the seepage, as well as having an awareness of streams and underground water sources.

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We are trained professional septic tank installation contractors. We specializing in new field installations and septic tank cleaning services. If your field goes bad we can help. We have nearly 20 years in the septic system industry. We have been a septic tank pumping company for over two decades. We are located in South East, MI and service several counties through out the area. If you need any type of septic services contact us today. 

Universal Septic Services

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Licensed in several counties throughout South East, MI. We primarily service Livingston, Oakland, Genesee, Lapeer, Wayne and Macomb Counties for all of your septic system services. We have been a septic service company for nearly 20 years. We have also serviced Wayne and Washtenaw counties. If you live in or around any of these counties and need septic services such has tank cleaning, septic system installs or septic drainfield repairs we can help. 

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