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Unviersal Septic Services is a full service provider for all your septic needs. We have over 20 years experience in the septic industry. We are a family owned and operated company that pride ourselves in treating our customers with respect and honesty. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality services while educating our communities to ensure the well being of the environments in and around Livingston, Oakland, Genesee, Lapeer, Wayne and Macomb, Counties.

We are not your typical tank cleaning or septic pumping company. We perform full inspections of every tank we look at. It is important to visually inspect the inlet and outlet of the tank to make sure the system is functioning properly and avoid early failure of the system. We also perform drain field inspections as well as install new septic systems.

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Drain Field Installation

A drain field, also known as a leach field or septic drain field, is a crucial component of a septic system used for the treatment of wastewater in areas where centralized sewage treatment facilities are not available. The drain field plays a key role in the final stage of the septic system's treatment process. The effectiveness of a drain field depends on factors such as soil type, percolation rate, and proper maintenance of the septic system. 

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Septic Maintanence Services

Maintenance Check-up

A septic maintenance check-up, also known as a septic system inspection or septic tank inspection, is a comprehensive examination of a property's septic system to assess its condition and ensure that it is functioning properly. Regular maintenance check-ups are crucial for preventing potential issues, prolonging the life of the septic system, and avoiding costly repairs.

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Septic Repairs

Septic repair refers to the process of fixing or restoring a malfunctioning or damaged septic system. Septic systems are designed to effectively treat and dispose of wastewater from homes or buildings. However, over time, various issues can arise that may require repairs to ensure the continued proper functioning of the system.

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Drain Field Restoration

Drain field restoration refers to the process of repairing or rejuvenating a septic drain field that has experienced issues or failures. Over time, drain fields can become clogged or inefficient due to the accumulation of solids, bio-mat formation, compaction of the soil, or other factors. When a drain field is not functioning properly, it can lead to problems such as slow drainage, odors, or even complete system failure.

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Perc Test

A perc test, short for percolation test, is a soil test conducted to assess the absorption rate of the soil and its ability to drain water. This test is commonly performed in the context of septic system design to determine if the soil at a particular site is suitable for the installation of a septic drain field.

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Septic Inspections

A septic inspection is a process of assessing and evaluating the condition and functionality of a septic system. Septic systems are commonly used for wastewater treatment in homes that are not connected to a centralized sewer system. These systems consist of a septic tank and a drain field, and they play a crucial role in treating and disposing of household wastewater. 

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Septic tank risers are vertical pipes or cylindrical extensions that are installed on top of a septic tank to bring the tank's access points closer to the ground surface. They serve as an alternative to having the access points at or below ground level, making it easier to locate, inspect, pump, and perform maintenance on the septic tank.

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Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tank cleaning, also known as septic tank pumping or septic tank maintenance, is the process of removing accumulated solids, sludge, and scum from a septic tank. This maintenance task is essential to prevent the buildup of solids that can negatively impact the septic system's efficiency and potentially lead to system failure.

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