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Septic Tank Drain Field Installation

At Universal Septic Services we take pride in the care that we take when installing a septic system or drain field. It is important to us that the homeowner is involved in all steps of the process. We want to be sure that the system is installed in the most optimal area available on site. We also want our customers to be comfortable. Since we are also a septic tank cleaning company we will keep the tanks emptied during the process of installation so the homeowners can continue to use their facilities.

Universal Septic Services expertise ranges from conventional drainage systems to engineered and alternative septic systems. We hold great working relationships with our municipalities helping to best accommodate our customers.

Drainfield Installation and septic services

Environmental Protections

Protecting our environment is also very important to Universal Septic Services. When determining the location of the drain field installation we make sure that the soils will properly treat the sewage, as well as having an awareness of streams and underground water sources.

Small Lot Installations

Universal Septic Services is skilled in working on small lot sizes. Many properties in our service area are situated around lakes making it difficult to install septic systems on the tight lot designs. With our small excavator we can easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces.

Septic Field Experience

There isn't a septic field or drain field that we haven't seen before. We have the ingenuity and experience to get the job done. We have all the experience and knowledge to specialize in septic drain field installations.

Areas In Michigan We Commonly Service For Drain Field Installation

Do You Need a New Septic System Installed?

Look for a local septic company near you to install or replace a new septic field. We have 20 plus years of in the field experience to solve all of your septic field problems.