Michigan Septic Field Inspections: Ensuring Longevity and Performance

Failing Septic Field? Have a Certified Septic Installer Inspect Your Field Today

Comprehensive Septic Field Inspections in Michigan: Ensuring System Health and Compliance

A septic field inspection in Michigan is a thorough assessment of the septic system's drain field, also known as the leach field or absorption field. The purpose of this inspection is to evaluate the condition, functionality, and overall health of the drain field to ensure proper wastewater treatment and prevent potential issues.

Septic field inspections are essential for identifying potential problems early on, ensuring that the drain field can effectively treat wastewater and protect groundwater quality. Regular inspections help homeowners and property owners in Michigan maintain their septic systems, prevent costly repairs, and contribute to environmental preservation. It's advisable to schedule septic field inspections at recommended intervals and to work with licensed professionals who are knowledgeable about Michigan's specific regulations and guidelines.


Drain Field Inspection Services

Were you told that your septic system is failing? There are many variables that can cause your system to fail or back up. The only way to know if the septic field is failing is to take a visual inspection of the field. This is done by performing a drain field inspection. An inspection should consist of more than simply digging a quick hole in the drain field and making a quick evaluation. Once a proper inspection is complete we can recommend the best solution for your needs. The best solution is not always a complete replacement of the drain field. In some instances we can save the homeowner thousands of dollars through alternative solutions such as drain field repairs or restoration. Call today to have your drain field analyzed by our expert inspectors and find relief from your messy situation.

Septic Tank Locating

Locating Your Septic Tank

Can't find your septic tank? No worries we have a way of locationg your tank for access to clean out your septic tank.

Visual Inspection

Septic Tank Inspections

The only way to know if the septic field is failing is to visually look at a cross-section of the materials that make up the drain field.


Proper Inspection Services

A proper inspection involves laying out the entire drain field and examining all sections of the field to determine the overall condition of the septic system.

Areas In Michigan We Commonly Service For Septic Field Inspections

Is Your Septic Field Failing You?

We are a local septic system company specializing in fixing, repairing, and replacing septic fields. A simple inspections will get you on your way to getting your septic system up and running.