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Accurate Septic Perc Testing in Michigan: Determining Soil Suitability with Expertise

A septic perc test in Michigan, also known as a percolation test or soil test, is a crucial evaluation conducted to assess the suitability of the soil for proper wastewater absorption in a septic system's drain field. The test helps determine how quickly water can move through the soil, which is essential for effective wastewater treatment and preventing potential contamination of groundwater.

The results of the septic perc test play a significant role in the design and layout of the septic system, particularly the drain field. A slow perc rate may indicate soil that doesn't drain well, which could impact the system's efficiency and performance. Conversely, a rapid perc rate might suggest overly sandy or coarse soil that may not treat the wastewater adequately.

Perc tests are vital for ensuring proper septic system function and environmental protection. They help determine the appropriate size and configuration of the drain field to ensure effective wastewater treatment and prevent potential contamination. It's important to conduct perc tests according to Michigan's specific regulations and work with qualified professionals who are familiar with local soil conditions and guidelines.

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Septic System Percolation Test

Before a drain field or septic field can be installed a perc test must be performed. A perc test is an excavation of the soils in the desired area of installation. By looking at the types of soils found onsite a plan can be made of how to best install the drain field. If you are interested in determining what type of drain field can be installed reach out to us and we can set up a perc test at your home or business. 

Soil Evaluation

1. Scheduling A Perc Test

Whether you are looking to build a new home in Oakland, Livingston, Lapeer, Genesee or Macomb or Wayne County OR repairing an existing septic system at your home or business — The first step in the process is completing a soil evaluation via a new perc test. Universal Septic is here to help!

Septic Permit Application

2. Setting Up Your Perc Test

Let Universal Septic Services complete your perc testing; we handle everything. We contact the county and begin the perc application process on your behalf. We schedule the perc based on your availability and the availability of the county health department.

Multiple Holes to Find Sand

3. Starting The Septic Process

When we do a perc test will will dig a series of small holes in your yard to test the soil quality. We do our best to minimize disruption to your lawn.

Areas In Michigan We Commonly Service For Perc Testing

Does Your Septic Tank Need Cleaned?

Look for a local perc testing company near you to locate the soil and identify a certain type of septic system which needs to be installed?