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Septic Tank Risers

Risers are an extension of the septic tank lid to bring the lid to the surface so access can be made to the tank without digging. In some counties it has been written into code that risers must be installed on all new tank installations. While risers are not mandatory on all septic tanks, they do eliminate the need to disturb the lawn when excavating to expose the lid for regular maintenance of the tank. All pump chambers should be equipped with a riser so easy access is available if/when service is needed on the pump itself.

Septic Tank Riser Installer

Locating Your Septic Tank

Can't find your septic tank? No worries we have a way of locationg your tank for access to clean out your septic tank.

Septic Tank Inspections

During the time of the septic tank pumping or cleaning we can inspect your tank for damages or backups.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Not sure if your tank needs to be cleaned or wondering about the condition? We can accurately measure the amount of solids, visually inspecting the inlet and outlet of the tank.

Areas In Michigan We Commonly Install Septic Tank Risers

Do You Need Septic Tank Risers Installed?

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