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Septic System Repairs

Septic System Repairs

Periodically the need arises for repairs to be performed on a septic system. Universal Septic Services, Inc offers repairs to plumbing lines, piping between tanks, and lead lines to the drain field. Universal Septic Services also installs new plumbing clean outs and outlet devices in septic tanks. We offer the following repairs and more:

  • Plumbing Lines

  • Lines Between Tanks

  • Outlet Devices

  • Lead Lines to the Drain Field

  • Clean Outs

  • Outlet Connections

Michigan septic repair services

Do I need a New Septic Field or Can I just Repair Mine?

Septic systems are generally very efficient as well as durable. Nevertheless, septic systems are not developed to last for life. The first sign of problem is usually water backing up in your house and/or damp areas out in the lawn- around the location of the septic field. If this is occurring to you, you require septic tank fixing.

We can typically inform really swiftly if you have a small pipes problem or a more severe septic trouble causing your problem. Septic pumping can usually fix an instant water backup problem in your house-- however a much more long-term solution will require to be discovered in septic tank repair service.

One of the most important thing to know is we are here to walk you through the entire fixing process. All elements of a new perc examination, permits and also assessments we handle, in your place, with the correct county/municipal authorities. You do not need to end up being a septic expert (unless you wish to). We will certainly make sure you understand each step along the way.

The first step is to have a brand-new perk examination done at your residence. This is done by digging down (with a maker) to details depths to figure out dirt conditions. Based upon this details, an authorization can be released outlining exactly what the system fixing needs will be. Needs can vary dramatically depending on dirt problems, size of house, number of washrooms, available location in lawn, and so on. It goes to this factor an accurate price quote can be offered. Up until this factor, any type of numbers gone over (by anyone) would be uncertainty.

Do You Need a Completely New Septic Field?

The fixing will require your present (failed) system to be brought up to existing wellness division code. Depending on the dimension of the original sewage-disposal tank itself, it is feasible it could be reused as part of the brand-new septic system (with new pipe/sand/stone being set up to develop a new "field"). Reusing the existing storage tank would lower expense. However, if the storage tank is as well little to meet existing health code, it may need to be smashed and also replaced with a new, larger tank. Depending on the situation, sometimes a second tank can be contributed to the existing container to produce the correct gallon capability required for meeting current health and wellness code. Each circumstance is various and also will require to be carefully thought out as well as discussed with health and wellness examiner.

At Universal Septic Services, most of our septic setup job remains in the repair work space. The reason this is very important is we are utilized to working in existing backyards around existing landscape design, trees, brick pavers, swimming pools, driveways, etc. We strive to reduce the damage produced during a septic repair. However, fixings are unpleasant. We will deal with you prior to we start to go over options. We can fix landscape design, sod, brick pavers, lawn sprinklers and also anything else that was affected due the repair. Honestly, we can do as much or as little to get things back in order following our repair.

Tank Only Replacement

We find many times during a tank cleaning or a septic inspection we notice an old tank. It is our responsibility to inspect your tank every time we clean it out. Upon doing so we may find your tank to be old or sometimes just damaged. If you only have a damaged tank, but your septic system is in good tact we can save you thousands of dollars. A typical tank replacement could cost three to five thousand dollars. Where a new septic drain system may cost tens of thousands of dollars. It's good to have a good inspector with lots of knowledge to help save you money now and in the long run.

Areas In Michigan We Commonly Service For Septic Repairs

Does Your Septic Tank Need Repaired?

Look for a local septic company near you to inspect and repair your drain field to make sure you prolong the life of your septic system.