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Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Every tank Universal Septic Services cleans, is inspected with a mirror and flash light. The proper inspection of a septic tank is vital to prolonging the life of a septic system. Any minor damages to the tank can be diagnosed and repaired avoiding unnecessary early failure to the system. It is also important to us to take care of our customers property. When we dig to expose the lid of a tank we remove the sod and top soil and pile the dirt on a tarp. This way we can keep the lawn looking almost like we were never there.

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Locating Your Septic Tank

Can't find your septic tank? No worries we have a way of locationg your tank for access to clean out your septic tank.

Septic Tank Inspections

During the time of the septic tank pumping or cleaning we can inspect your tank for damages or backups.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Not sure if your tank needs to be cleaned or wondering about the condition? We can accurately measure the amount of solids, visually inspecting the inlet and outlet of the tank.

Areas In Michigan We Commonly Service For Septic Tank Cleaning

Does Your Septic Tank Need Cleaned?

Look for a local septic company near you to clean, pump and inspect your tank to make sure you prolong the life of your septic system.